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At Claro, we bring together capabilities and methods from three key domains – social science, experience design and business strategy – which we believe are all essential for successful innovation.

We maintain a balance between these three disciplines to ensure that no single perspective dominates our approach. There are no “researchers” vs. “strategists”; we all “think” and we all “do”.

Since we solve problems which have global impact, our team is made up of passionate people from diverse cultural backgrounds, who have broad domain expertise, and speak a variety of languages.



Abby (US) has an Anthropology PhD with a talent for making sense of research, and partnering anthropology with design to solve business problems.

Akash (UK) has a background in sociology and has worked at international NGOs in the healthcare, human and international security sectors.

Aldo (Netherlands) is a strategist with strong analytical ability, business acumen and 12+ years of experience, with a passion for understanding people.

Alejandra (El Salvador) has worked internationally in business administration, marketing, sales and customer service in aviation, retail & design.

Caterina (Venezuela) uses her background in strategic user-centred design for turning business challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Chris (US) has been a business leader in tech for 20+ years and has a passion for guiding companies through the reinvention and evolution of their business.

Elisabeth (Netherlands) is a strategic designer with a background in user research and engineering, focusing on user-centred innovation.

Evelien (Netherlands) has a background in strategic design. She is passionate about the design of tools and methods for user research, and business development.

Flor (Spain) is our operations and marketing specialist, with an international background in political science, business management and communications.

Francesca (Italy) has a background in communication and advertising; she has 12 years’ experience working with global clients and markets.

Gunes (Turkey) has an eclectic background in engineering, design and anthropology, as well as expertise in ethnographic filmmaking.

Hans (Philippines) is a media and management professional. With a master’s in journalism and an MBA, he’s worked for companies in Asia, Europe & US.

Harry (UK) is interested in open innovation, crowdsourcing and startups, and has consulted clients on how they can be a part of these worlds.

Jiri (Belgium) is experienced in research and ideation. He has worked as a designer at DesignUM Istanbul, and is researching the Internet of Things at Claro.

Joshua (UK) has a background in anthropology. He applies research, cross-cultural thinking and design to develop businesses that work across markets.

Kasia (Poland) is interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. She has experience in customer-oriented projects across different industries.

Mandy (Lebanon) is a creative visual communicator, specialising in design management with experience in human-centred solutions for social innovation.

Megan (UK) is a strategic thinker with a background in product design and experience in user-centred research to understand global societal trends.

Nicerine (France) has a background in social sciences and international business development. She’s passionate about understanding people and social innovation.

Paulina (Poland) uses user-centered research and strategic thinking to understand people and creatively solve business problems.

Rich (US) has led technology, creative, and research teams for 15+ years to creatively solve business problems in both developed and emerging markets.

Shalini (India) applies her background in business, media and consulting to help businesses create value through strategic and creative problem-solving.
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