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  • Snapshot of the IoT Business Landscape tool we recently created Snapshot of the IoT Business Landscape tool we recently created

Internet of Things

What does the Internet of Things business landscape look like today? How will it evolve in the near future, and where are the opportunity spaces for companies to provide valuable products and services?

The Internet of Things or M2M will grow to be a rich ecosystem of products and services that opens up many new opportunities for business. It will require an ecosystem of hardware, software and services to thrive. Products and services in the Internet of Things will not only be delivered by established businesses and providers, but increasingly by rich networks of individuals, entrepreneurs and startups who are empowered by accessible tech, data and connections. The Internet of Things will reach across verticals, from health to energy, from finance to communications, from the smart home to the smart city.

We have mapped out the emerging business landscape in a dynamic, online tool which show the vastness, variety and scope of the Internet of Things, with a focus on new initiatives and startups. It provides an overview of current activity (350+ initiatives mapped), hotspots and areas of growth across industries, and we use it as a starting point for identification of new opportunity spaces for businesses looking to take a fundamental role in the market.

What value can your company provide in the ecosystem to create and enable relevant, unique products and services?

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We have made an IoT Canvas which enables creators of products and services in the IoT to get an overview of and then develop all the elements required. These, together with our other tools, frameworks and workshops help both individuals and businesses to tackle the complexity of designing something that bridges the physical and digital, whilst always providing a service and experience that people really want. You can download the IoT Canvas here.