At Claro, we bring together capabilities and methods from three key domains – social science, experience design and business strategy – which we believe are all essential for successful innovation.

We maintain a balance between these three disciplines to ensure that no single perspective dominates our approach. There are no “researchers” vs. “strategists”; we all “think” and we all “do”.

Since we solve problems which have global impact, our team is made up of passionate people from diverse cultural backgrounds, who have broad domain expertise, and speak a variety of languages.


AdamAdam (U.K) has a background in service and user experience design. He is focused on user-centric approaches, and has the ability to translate insights into desirable services and experiences.
AldoAldo (Netherlands) is a strategist with strong analytical ability, business acumen and 12+ years of experience, with a passion for understanding people.

Alejandro (Perú) is an emerging markets specialist who has worked with start-ups, the private sector, and the public sector on economic growth strategies in Latin America. He’s an economist with an MBA.

Anouk (Netherlands) is a social psychologist, with a background in qualitative research and marketing. She is passionate about finding out what makes people tick and translating this into business opportunities.

Caterina (Venezuela) is a strategic designer specialised on the application of user-centric design for turning business challenges into innovation opportunities.

Chris (US) has been a business leader in tech for 20+ years and has a passion for guiding companies through the reinvention and evolution of their business.

Cyril (France) has worked in innovation consulting and startups for 10 years. He’s a problem solver keen to turn disruptive ideas into bottom line growth.

Francesca (Italy) has a background in communication and advertising; she has 12 years’ experience working with global clients and markets.

Hans (Philippines) is a strategist equipped with a master’s in journalism and an MBA. He’s worked for companies in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Jennifer (Canada) is a global business development professional with 6+ years’ experience working with organisations in NA, EMEA, LATAM, and Asia.

Myria (Mexico) is a strategic designer with a background in visual information design. She has a passion for graphic design and a strong interest in social innovation.

Natalia (Uruguay) has worked in multinational companies taking responsibility in finance & administration, project & processes management, quality and data analysis.

Olga (Italy) has a business background with focus on strategic management. She is an enthusiast and dedicated problem solver with cross cultural experience.

Raisha (Hong Kong) is a designer with a multi-disciplinary background. She’s a creative problem solver with the belief of driving impact through challenging design.

Rich (US) has led technology, creative, and research teams for 15+ years to creatively solve business problems in both developed and emerging markets.

Rita (US) is a person that likes taking care of people. She finds joy when the expense report matches the bank statement. Creativity is essential in her daily life.

Stewart (UK) is an anthropologist, with previous experience in development and digital healthcare. He is a holistic thinker with a passion for exploring the concerns and intuitions that matter to people.

Yannick (Switzerland) is a strategist with a background in management and entrepreneurship. He is fascinated by combining technology, design and innovation to create meaningful, lasting change.