Claro Spheres

We believe the world is currently going through a series of fundamental shifts.  Some are obvious, others are almost invisible – but they are completely redrawing the business landscape of competitors, value propositions and consumer behaviours and expectations. We examine these disruptive changes in society, technology and business to identify opportunities to create value for producers, enablers and users across this new landscape.

We do this by combining business thinking with design thinking (left/right brain).
More specifically, our approach balances:

  • Contextual inquiry into how people are actually experiencing these shifts
  • Inspired creativity to design desired offers and experiences, and
  • Business strategy to identify innovative business models and market approaches

This balance of skills and perspectives enables us to translate deep insights into meaningful and relevant solutions that serve people’s needs and drive real growth for your business.

Our combination of inspirational design thinking with pragmatic business thinking leads to great ideas that actually work in this rapidly-changing world.