Claro hosts the JamJam in Barcelona

We were happy to host the international JamJam 2013 that took place in Barcelona, September 27th – 29th. Over forty Jammers, hosts and organisers came together from all over the world for a full-on ‘doing, not talking’ weekend to work on evolving the Jam concept – or to jam the Jam.

The participants gathered to share, brainstorm, prototype and test new ideas to improve the Jam experience. This year, the event kicked off on Thursday, 27th September at the Catalyst meetup held at MOB, which brought together the Barcelona creative community and the international Jamming community. On Friday morning, we welcomed the Jammers to a breakfast held at the Claro offices where everyone was introduced to the company and Claro team. From there, the group moved to Bau School of Design where they spent three intense but fun days, jamming the Jam. Among the areas we explored were attracting new participants to the Jams, making it exciting and less stressful for Jammers to upload their material to the global platform, and experimenting with different facilitation and documentation techniques. It was a great success and Claro was rewarded with the Full Sized Chicken for our support throughout the event!

Thanks to Adam and Markus for starting this great initiative and to all the participants who made this event a successful one!
Make sure to check more photos and the video from JamJam 2013.

About the Jams

The Global Service Jam, Global Sustainability Jam and Global GovJam take place worldwide, with the biggest Jams seeing thousands of participants working simultaneously in more than 120 cities. Like a music jam session where strangers get together to play and improvise with their instruments, each Jam kicks off with a global surprise theme around which teams have 48 hours to develop prototypes. At the Service Jam and GovJam, participants create new services; at the Sustainability Jam, prototypes can also include products and other initiatives.

To encourage new ideas and experimentation, most Jams follow a design-based approach to creativity and problem-solving. Since the Jams started in 2011, Claro Partners has hosted an annual Service Jam in Barcelona, providing jammers not only with the space and material supplies but also with mentors and various tools to aid the creative process.


October 8, 2013