Navigating GDPR: The art of the possible

Companies have been struggling to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To help them out, lawyers, policymakers and data-protection authorities will offer their guidance in the Privacy Laws & Business 31st annual international conference from 2-4 July, in Cambridge.

Myria Solórzano and Stewart Allen from Claro Partners will also take part in the conference to show how user-centricity can empower companies to react to regulations requests as well as new customer expectations around personal data.

In their workshop, they will share hands-on tools and frameworks to create new interactions that will foster trust between companies and users. They will also tackle important questions that companies face today: What new experiences can we create to improve the process of collecting and managing personal data? What new mindset and ways of working do companies need to create to deliver these experiences?

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Myria and Stewart are looking forward to seeing you there!