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What looks like a very broken piece of code turns out to be something that can inspire people to come up with fantastic ideas for new products and services. Just combine it with the Service Design methodology and 48 hours later you’ll have ideas that are ready to change the world. Well… More or less.

On the weekend of February 17th – 19th 2017 we at Claro Partners had the pleasure to host – for the seventh consecutive year – the Global Service Jam in Barcelona, an event that seeks to introduce people to the concept of Design Thinking over the course of a weekend. “Stop talking, start doing!” is the unofficial motto of the Service Jam. The event is about prototyping and trying out, not about writing concepts and creating a lot of documentation. That was the key guideline for our participants, a group of 23 people with very diverse backgrounds and experiences.



Some of our participants in ideation-mode. Most of them had a background in either Design or Business.


The release of the global theme on Friday evening – remember, the broken code one – was followed by an initial ideation phase and some basic concept development by the teams. After that, the teams were asked to go out to the streets of Barcelona to get feedback on the problems they were going to solve. When coming up with an idea it can be tempting to hit and run with it. It was the job of our mentors, a group of Service Design experts, to emphasise that our participants should never forget who they are creating their service for: without customer relevance, it will be hard to create true impact.


Maja Asaa, one of our mentors helping a team out with her experience and Service Design expertise.


The participants can probably still hear those reminders about the human-centric nature of Service Design echoing through their heads – just like the melody of “Jammin” by Bob Marley, the song that was played every time the group was gathered for a presentation on a specific aspect of the methodology or any other important points in the program (so they heard it quite a few times…).


Q Team, the Service Jam Winners 2017. Congratulations!


At the end, emphasising the importance of user research and prototyping, paid off. The ideas that the teams presented on Sunday afternoon to our jury of experts (thanks a lot Natalia Arguello, Luke Angell and Eduardo Huerta) were absolutely fantastic. Ranging from a new international language based on signs and drawings to a new way of delivering healthy food to the people of Barcelona, the final projects were very diverse. The group “Q-Team”, this year’s winners, came up with a service that could save the cultivated dinner conversation by shutting down smartphone applications that disturb the quality time people spend together. We are looking forward to optimising and fine-tuning this idea together with Q-Team during a workshop facilitated by Claro Partners!

We would like to thank all the participants, for dedicating their time and brainpower to the event. We’d also like to thank our mentors, jury members, volunteers and the entire Claro team who made this event possible. We’re looking forward to jammin’ with you again next year. …and we hope you like jammin’, too…


Barcelona Service Jam 2017. Thanks for jammin’ with us!


Feb 23, 2017