In Jam We Trust

This year Claro Partners had the pleasure to host the 8th consecutive Barcelona Service Jam. The Jam is an occasion for celebrating service design but also the great community of innovators that surrounds us. This year, we did it in grand and partnered up with Teamlabs, an inspiring work space for innovators, creators and entrepreneurs, located in the center of Barcelona.

Like in previous years, the Jam began with an overarching theme for this intense long weekend dedicated to service design. After an initial inspiring presentation by Regina Gallego from Oxfam Intermón, who talked about social innovation and the role of design thinking in development, we were eager to hear this year’s theme. Just like every other time, we were surprised, perplexed and excited to discover this year’s ambiguous challenge. Yes, No, Maybe. These three words represented the theme for this 2018 edition. Right from the start, we decided to brainstorm all together and get participants’ initial thoughts on what these words might mean to them as well as to the global challenges we are facing today.


Participants having fun during one of our energizers


Following our brainstorming, we created as many challenges as we could think of based on the theme. After narrowing those down to the five best ideas, our jammers created five dedicated task forces to find a solution for every single challenge. Each team then spent the remaining time to empathize and define their users, create prototypes and come up with their best solution for Sunday’s final presentation.

Saturday began early and what followed was a long day of user research, creation, brainstorming and prototyping. But, no doubt, we made sure to have fun along the way through multiple energizers, ice breakers and team activities! Our favorite was the Animal challenge where each team was given a piece of clay to create as many animals as they could think of in less than 2 minutes. The winning team made 27! Unbelievable! (To be fair not all of them were “real” animals).
By Sunday the participants were tired but excited to finish their designs and present them to our jury. We started the day off with a bit of Italian flair and pesto. A presentation from Emilia Fossati highlighted the importance of storytelling and the need to relate to the target audience when designing a service. As the day continued, we saw the prototypes take their final forms. The timing was tight but luckily all the participants managed to finish in time and uploaded their content on the Global Service Jam website.


Example of final prototype


Presentation time! Wow, we were really impressed by this year’s presentation quality – it seemed like pesto energized everyone and inspired the teams to create engaging showcases of their final services. All teams had truly great ideas.


Presentation time


The audience and our three judges (Rich Radka, Eduardo Huerta, Inge Keizer) were impressed by the quality of the presentations and the focus on services that tackled real challenges of our local community. From politics to unemployment, education, and environment. Despite the many great ideas, we had to pick our best choice and this year’s award went probably to the team with the strangest name: Banana Pancakes! Their solution to make internships relevant, interesting and engaging both for companies and the students was seen as the most relevant and the most thought out idea.

Team Banana Pancakes receiving their award


Overall, the event was a great opportunity for people from different backgrounds (we had more than 20 countries represented!) to come together and create something meaningful. We had a blast hosting the event and we hope everyone took away some learnings from this 3-day Jam.
Special thanks go out to all the mentors who helped the participants in their challenges, the jury for their great job in assessing the different teams, the guest speakers for their inspirational and knowledgeable presentations and Teamlabs for providing us with their wonderful space.

Thank you all and until next year!


Mar 22, 2018