IoT Lab Barcelona June 2014

Two days to design and prototype a new Internet of Things (IoT) service. We are excited to announce an IoT Lab in collaboration with WebVisions in Barcelona (17th – 18th June). The IoT Lab is a two-day workshop where teams of designers, developers, makers and strategists will explore the various opportunities around connected devices. We will ideate, create and build new IoT products and services focused on real human needs. Check the results of last year’s IoT Lab in Chicago here.


Learn | Create | Prototype | Develop

IoTLab 2014 – Come join us! from Claro Partners on Vimeo.

It is a hands-on masterclass and workshop.
 The Barcelona IoT Lab is two days of intensive problem-solving and prototyping. It will start with coffee and introductions at 9h30 on Tuesday 17th of June at the MADE maker space. We’ll share Claro’s perspective on the IoT, then dive straight into a full two days of brainstorming, designing and prototyping new IoT product and service concepts. Claro will provide tools and methods designed especially for innovating in this space and teams will finish with a well-defined service, product and business model and potentially new collaborators and friends to bring it to life.

Get in the mix…When you are building something that crosses both peoples’ digital and physical lives you need a team of people that think differently from each other. This is why we are ensuring the workshop will have an even distribution of designers, developers, strategists, and makers. Each team can work in smaller groups to make sure each part of the concept is developed – from the product design to the hardware and software to the UX, business model and delivery to the customer.

Come and join us!
 If you’d like to take part in Barcelona, get in touch. It’s open to anyone – attendee of the WebVisions conference or not. You can apply for one of the limited places for Barcelona at Eventbrite. We’re looking for people who want to explore the Internet of Things in a new way and get together with other people to apply creative thinking and experience to the process.

At the end of the lab, the participants’ will chose a winning team that will get free two-days passes to the Webvisions conference! The other teams will get a 25% discount.

When? Tuesday June 17th and Wednesday June 18th

Where? MADE maker space, 
c / Bailen 11
, Barcelona

Who? The workshop will be led by Aldo de Jong and Jiri Vermeulen of Claro Partners.

Register at Eventbrite

BYO: If you have equipment and resources you’d like to bring along to work with to design, develop and prototype your ideas, feel free! Teams will present their final service concept in the way that shows it best – including video, rapid prototypes, wireframes.

We also did an IoT Lab in Portland, Oregon, the 5th and 6th of May. You can read more about it here.


April 23, 2014