Navigating disruptive change

While many consultancies talk about fast-paced change and complexity, at Claro we create the transformative business models to help clients navigate it.

That means we do not only recognise the agents of change – mobility, social networks, wealth of personal data – but we make sense of how these changes are fundamentally shifting business. Beyond that, we create frameworks and tools to communicate the most relevant insights, guide decision-making, and shape the creation of new products, experiences, and business models that are better adapted to the conditions of chaotic, fast-paced change.

One of the big agents of change we are currently exploring at Claro is the rise of informal enterprise. While it’s easy to dismiss the “informal economy” as illegal, or as a relic from the past, the reality is that it’s the fastest-growing segment of both emerging and developed economies. It employs the majority of the world’s population. Furthermore, with today’s technology and network capabilities, informal enterprises are showing up in new places and in new forms – microbusinesses, sharing economies, local currencies – that demand investigation into how they are challenging big business and meeting needs and opportunities better, faster, and cheaper. Informal is an indicator of our future: the future of employment, the future of business, the future of how we work, live and play.

We believe that digging deep into the existing and potential links between informal enterprises and the current business landscape holds promise for businesses struggling with the complexities of operating under a permanent state of flux. We also believe that the big opportunity to flourish amidst chaos is to create adaptive businesses that harness the elasticity of informal enterprise while finding ways to enable and share value with them.

The research for our next consortium, ‘Adaptive Business and Informal Enterprise’, will be grounded in different stories that highlight contemporary aspects of informal enterprise in different global locations; stories about makers, microbusiness, parallel entrepreneurship and nimble corporations. Following the threads of these stories, we will identify the connections between adaptive business and informal enterprise, and build on these connections to map out ecosystems in which businesses can play an active and valuable role. Participants will gain deep understanding of the expanding terrain and potential of adaptive business and informal enterprise, and receive a tool-kit and orientation to identify and develop unique opportunities for their organisation.  Please contact us to learn about how you can get involved.

Nov 21, 2012