Who says Gen Z aren’t loyal employees?

At Claro Partners, we have always believed that creating relevant employee experiences is critical to ensure a company’s future success. This is even more important for today’s new generation of candidates, Gen Z. To conclude our series on Gen Z and the workplace, we will explain why this is so important. 


Gen Z and their older counterparts, Millennials, are often presented as a source of talent that is incredibly fluid and inclined to switch jobs at a pace never experienced before with previous generations of employees.

This is true. Yet, dynamic job switching doesn´t necessarily come from a lack of loyalty.

With Digital Natives, we have entered a new paradigm of loyalty, where affection and commitment aren’t put into institutions (e.g. brands and/or employers) but rather into experiences. Experiences that are engaging and relevant because they exactly meet the contextual expectations of the end user – in this case, the individual employee.

This is why, as an employer, if you can provide what this next generation of candidates is searching for in the workplace, you have set the stage for a fruitful and long-lasting relationship. In our networked world, loyalty is not about sticking with your organisation but rather about respecting and trusting you as an employer. Employees should be expected to come and go as parts of their natural growth’s path, and you should support them when they do so. Loyal (Gen Z) employees will be those who become your ambassadors, willing to “see you again” and create value for you no matter where they are in their careers – whether inside or outside of your organisation.

The ability to gain their loyalty will be extremely important for employers. In a job market where 50% of the US workforce is expected to be made of freelancers by 2020 [1], we believe that employers must invest in building their own decentralised network of loyal talent that can jump on board, and back off again, as needed. Today and even more moving forward, project-based hiring will be the norm.

In our first article , we mentioned that in order to attract Gen Z, employers should, as in any new encounter, focus on ensuring that they’ll be making a good impression to these young candidates. Yet, this isn’t enough if you aren’t able to deliver what you promise and maintain dedication to create employee-centric experiences over the long term.


But how can organisations guarantee true employee-centric work experiences?


Experiences consist of a before, a during and an after. First of all, employers should be mindful of all the moments where they get a chance to interact with and make a difference to this workforce – what’s the journey?

Second, employers must identify the needs, challenges and aspirations of these new candidates at each stage of the journey and determine ways to respond to each – what are the jobs to be done?

Third and finally, employers should ensure consistency across the experience by setting a clear vision and strategy for talent management. Creating employee-centric experiences is about meeting the needs and expectations of employees across touchpoints. As we laid out in our previous articles, Gen Z look for relevance, purpose and stability in the workplace, and strive for life-long learning. Gen Z thrive in environments where they feel heard and respected, and where they have the autonomy to find their own ways to reach shared goals and results.

Still, if this was everything, each Gen Z-targeted experience would be the same. Employers need to go a step further and align the employee experience with company values, culture and organisational identity.

Real relationships only occur when both sides intentionally choose one other. You can only do that if you present who you really are and what you value. In this moment of generational change, start by deeply understanding your (future) employees, find ways to meet their expectations, but then focus on making your value proposition unique, clear, and hence worth their loyalty.


If this topic is important for your company, or you would like to know more about our insights and perspective on the tail-end of the current Millennial generation and the emergence of their Gen Z counterparts, please contact us at: hello@claropartners.com


JAN 29, 2019

[1]Freelancing in America. Freelancers Union & Elance-oDesk