Claro Partners new podcast series

Introducing Claro Partners new podcast series featuring conversations with experts from around the world on some of the most ground-breaking issues of the day. Each series of the podcast will tackle a different subject area. We will be talking to some of the brightest minds out there on some of the most cutting-edge changes happening today.

In our inaugural series, we introduce and discuss the concept of digital selves and why we think it will have profound implications across every facet of life. But what exactly is a digital self?

Everything we do today leaves a digital trace: online transactions, every online movie that we watch, every video that we post, every string of text that we tweet, every food delivery that we order, GPS tracking… the list goes on. Each of these generate a digital trace of what we do, with whom and where. In the near future, these diverse digital traces will be harnessed and united to produce a coherent whole, a digital portrait if you will. In due course, these passive digital identities, when combined with advances in AI, will become active “Digital Selves” – entities that are able to predict, advise, choose, and act on our behalf. The result will be nothing short of revolutionary. Digital selves will take necessary but mundane tasks off of our to-do lists, potentially becoming our proxies – the new gatekeepers – to which companies will need to present offers or negotiate before they can gain access to our attention or win our business.

Our interactions with digital selves represent a significant step in human – AI relationships; we will interact with our digital selves frequently, intimately, and place a level of trust on them we can’t yet imagine. And these implications are only the beginning – in these three podcasts, our contributing experts will dig into even more eye-opening possibilities that credible futures businesses need to anticipate.

In our first episode of the series, we speak to Michael Schrage, research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Centre for Digital Business. Michael is also a columnist for Fortune, CIO Magazine and MIT’s Technology Review – and is the author of two critically acclaimed books: Serious Play: How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate – and – Shared Minds, The New Technologies of Collaboration. We introduce the basic concept of digital selves and explore their ramifications and opportunities. In the second episode we focus on the impact of digital selves on people’s lives from a behavioural lens. We question the role of algorithms and recommendation agents on the very fabric of society. For this episode we speak Tyler Reigeluth, a researcher in the philosophy department of the Université Libre of Brussels. In our third and final episode, we speak to Cristene Gonzalez, Electronics Research Director, at the Institute for Business Value at IBM. Cristene focuses on future-facing strategy research and examines how people adopt and adapt to new technology. In this episode we explore the business and societal impact of digital selves on people’s lives and the role that they may play across a range of scenarios.

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February 11, 2019