Designing for trust in the new technology environment

What is the nature of our trust in emerging technologies, how is it changing and what are the implications for tech companies, their brands, security services and products?

Today, we are at the beginning of a new revolution sparked by rapid growing areas like Internet of Things, robotics and predictive software. We need to rethink how do we design for trust in this new technology environment.

Our client was recognised as the industry leader on the interaction between people and technology in the PC era. To continue to lead in the emerging era of IoT, robotics, and new internet technologies, they needed to better understand new human interactions and the changing dynamics of trust that drive them.

Claro created a clear perspective on this new trust environment and new frameworks for understanding people´s evolving meanings of trust. We defined the main dimensions that impact trust in technology and created tools to support design processes implementing these new learnings. This allowed our client to (re)design their products in a way that allow new trust relationships between people and their technologies.

Working together with their teams, we explored the implications of this new perspective for our client´s brand, security services and products.