• Click on the image to download the guide (pdf document) Click on the image to download the guide (pdf document)
The Internet of Things and People

What does the Internet of Things look like today? How will it evolve in the near future? What are the big, emerging opportunities and how can companies define their strategy to lead and be successful in this space?

In the next few years, the Internet of Things will grow to be a rich ecosystem of products and services that opens up enormous new opportunities for business. Products and services in the Internet of Things will not only be delivered by established companies, but by rich networks of individuals, entrepreneurs and startups who are empowered by accessible technology, data and connections. As it evolves and reaches across industries, from health to energy, finance to communications, smart home to smart city – the most successful will make sense of the landscape and business potential and shape their strategy accordingly.

Over the past three years, we have worked with major organisations, entrepreneurs, and startups to explore opportunities in this exciting new space and develop new offers that are both relevant to the rapidly-evolving market and valuable to their core business.

We have a Guide to Succeeding in the Internet of Things; download it here for free. Whether you are in a corporation, startup team or are an entrepreneur, use it to take a fresh approach to developing connected products and services. Designed to be both a toolkit and a provocative reading document, it will help you move from initial idea to production, or to rethink and refine an existing concept.

If you would like to learn more about Claro’s approach to the Internet of Things, and how we can help your company to build a strategic role within it, get in touch to schedule a conversation with us.

We also run IoT Labs for companies, business networks and communities worldwide. These are dynamic, two-day workshops, tailored for you and run by Claro to facilitate the exploration and prototyping of new ideas. Contact us to find out more.