Winning Over Drivers in China - Claro Partners
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Winning Over Drivers in China

Winning Over Drivers in China


How can we adapt an iconic Western automotive brand to fit Chinese consumers’ values, needs and behaviours?

We investigated user experiences and attitudes related to mobility by conducting fieldwork in Shanghai and Beijing. Then, we validated and enriched these insights through fieldwork in Tier 2 and 3 cities.


Through our research and recommendations, our client was able to appeal to the Chinese customer with their distinct competitive positioning and localised brand values.


Foreign brands that don’t sensitively adapt to the local context struggle to succeed in China. Our client wanted to gain insights on similarities and differences between the Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, to identify opportunities and inform their brand strategy. The CEO, in particular, wanted to reposition their brand in a way that was more customer-centric.


We conducted in-context research with drivers and non-drivers about their perceptions of local and foreign automotive brands, types and features. We explored their needs and behaviours as well as the larger cultural shifts in Chinese society that may impact our client’s ability to market effectively.


To deepen our understanding of their relationships with their cars, we conducted focus groups in five cities and ran a survey to quantify our insights and hypotheses.


We enabled our client to understand the evolution of Chinese customers and their values though frameworks. We delivered purchase journeys with quantified considerations per market segment. These empowered them to optimise their product portfolio and communications strategy.