Financial Offers for Digital Natives - Claro Partners
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Financial Offers for Digital Natives

Financial Offers for Digital Natives

Financial Services

How can banks engage their next generation of customers and design new propositions that meet their unique needs?

Claro formed a consortium of six banks to understand emerging consumer behaviours related to financial management and explored the shifting FinTech landscape.


Through ethnographic fieldwork and interviews with industry experts across six countries, we understood new behaviours and developed frameworks, personas and design principles for banks to create new offers relevant to digital natives.


Our consortium participants were struggling with a wave of startups that were disrupting their core business offers. They were also ill-equipped to understand and respond to the needs of their future customers – digital natives.


Through this initiative, they wanted to understand the changing lifestyles and expectations of these consumers to be able to design compelling new offers. They also wanted to explore the emerging FinTech landscape and find ways to proactively engage with startups for collaborative value creation.


We conducted ethnographic fieldwork across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia with digital natives from all social and economic backgrounds to makes sense of their lifestyles, values and behaviours. This included immersion tours with clients to see customers and their challenges firsthand as well as interviews with leading thinkers in financial services, startup ecosystems and generation change.


We then mapped out the FinTech landscape by consumer value proposition to help orient our clients to the explosion of innovation and to help them find their next opportunities.


We created an interactive digital landscape populated by 250+ startups that represent all the unique value propositions in the FinTech space. This included funding and scale information for each company as well as detailed business models for identified archetypes.


We conducted a two-day cross-company workshop for sharing insights and opportunities through personas, scenario cards and a consumer modes model. This was followed by custom workshops at each client organisations’ headquarters to apply learnings to proprietary opportunities and ongoing initiatives.