Navigating Disruptions in Mobility - Claro Partners
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Navigating disruptions in mobility

Navigating disruptions in mobility


How can we create a sense of urgency among senior executives to prepare them for the disruptions ahead?

Our client, a global mobility provider asked Claro to help their global executive board, the governing body, to experience the future of mobility and develop strategies to anticipate various potential futures.


As part of this exploration, Claro Partners developed and ran a workshop for fifty C-Level executives, focused around six “future scenarios” that led to the co-development of a number of future strategies to help steer the company through the disruption ahead. 

The clients’ global executive board wanted to raise awareness among their executive management on the disruptions ahead in the mobility space and how it may affects their organisation. The aim was to give the client’s governing body a very tangible experience of the future of mobility while creating a sense of urgency and awareness of the challenges, showing potential ways forward for the business.


In a lean project approach, using internal expertise, previous project experiences and a rapid round of research, we created six different future scenarios that challenge the client’s core business, including early signs of those futures. Through a series of workshops, we helped the fifty top executives understand the challenges that lay ahead and helped them define a strategic roadmap to 2025. 


Through our work, the client was able to raise a sense of urgency about the disruptions that lay ahead while simultaneously showing a clear path forward for the business in terms of changes to business models, internal culture and customer centricity. We further worked to create internal capacity by training the client’s innovation team to help them roll out the programme globally.