FinTech Jam for Good - Claro Partners
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FinTech Jam for Good

FinTech Jam for Good

Financial Services

How can we create new financial-service ventures that deliver value to business and society?

We ran a design jam to create new FinTech ventures for social good in collaboration with UNICEF, Innovate Finance and Infosys.


This weekend-long event, hosted at Startupbootcamp FinTech, was attended by developers, designers, strategists and NGO teams to match unmet needs with innovation opportunities in order to create new ventures.

Visit for more information on the event.


By driving financial inclusion and helping raise funds, FinTech has the potential to “make the world better, one FinTech at a time.” We wanted to explore this notion and refine how we use design jams to create new ventures.


Claro designed a special event to identify new opportunities in the FinTech space using our knowledge of innovation and our expertise in human-centred design.


We worked with UNICEF UK and Infosys to develop design challenges for teams to solve during the jam. We also created an approach and toolkit that provided guidance to teams but still gave them the freedom to explore their own ideas.


Together with a handful of expert mentors, we facilitated a two-day jam where we coached and provoked teams throughout the workshop, and provided guidance in design-thinking methods and the Claro toolkit.


Of the eight teams that were formed at the event, three startups were created. Some of them have joined accelerators, raised money and won conference prizes. We have continued to mentor teams on their paths to market, and have helped UNICEF UK and other partners improve awareness around financial inclusion.