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This year we’re proposing two sessions for SXSW 2018. We need your votes to have them selected. Voting opens August 7th and closes August 25th.

Will we become avatars of our digital selves?

This panel will bring together speakers from Technology, Design and Speculative Fiction to explore a future where AI augments digital identities. What happens when passive digital identities become active Digital Selves, able to predict, advise, choose, and act on one’s behalf? Continuously analysing data to moderate our interactions with the world, our digital selves will soon assist every choice we make. But who and what are these digital selves? Do they work for us? Or are they a replacement of us?

Moderator: Rich Radka

Panelists: Catherine Lovazzano, A3 ventures
Mario Esposito, Google
Robin Wheeler, Twitter

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From analyzing data to telling a story

Data that tells the right story helps us make the right decisions. However, meaningful stories are often shoved aside in a world where data mining, hiring data scientists and crunching numbers are seen as “best practices”. In this panel, we will step back from this big data approach to discuss how human-centered storytelling can improve lives and make the world a better place. We will discuss cases, strategies, and best and worst practices for adding a meaningful story layer on top of data.

Moderator: Chris Massot

Panelists: Anne La Fond, JSI Inc.
Stephen Deadman, Facebook
Neal Myrick, Tableau

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Aug 7, 2017

sxsw, technology