We’re launching our Guide to Succeeding in the Internet of Things

Part of Claro’s mission is to be the best in the world at making sense of business disruption emerging from shifts in technology and society. Since identifying the rise of the Internet of Things as one of these major disruptions three years ago, we have worked with major organisations, entrepreneurs, and startups to explore opportunities and develop solutions in the space.

Through this work we were able to step back and see the big picture of the Internet of Things: the business landscape, growing activity and emerging opportunity spaces. We were also able to see what it looked like on the ground, as we spoke to developers, designers and thought leaders to find out more about their perspective, the challenges they encounter and the exciting possibilities they identified.

Most importantly, we saw that in spite of the enormous hype around the IoT – which hails it as a massive market opportunity valued at billions of dollars – most businesses were unsure of how to transform that potential into successful market offers.
In response to this and to share some of the outcomes of our work with a broader public, we’re delighted to launch today our Guide to Succeeding in the Internet of Things. The guide attempts to fill that knowledge gap and give people a taste of how to leverage new technologies to create offers that deliver real user value. As the IoT calls for a multi-disciplinary approach, the guide provides innovators, designers, engineers and strategists with a shared tool and vocabulary that enables them to collaborate to create fresh, viable product and service concepts.

The guide has grown from our insight developed throughout the work on the IoT, and we hope that it will inspire and enable innovation in large organisations and small companies alike. We’re releasing it under one of the Creative Commons Licenses, which means that you’re free to use it and build on it, as long as you share it with others under the same conditions. We’d love to hear about how you’ll use it; get in touch to let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback! Contact us through Twitter (@claropartners) or email us.


September 17, 2014