At Claro, we explore disruptive shifts happening in society, technology and business, in order to help our clients to spot new opportunity spaces, shape a successful role for themselves in these new landscapes and develop their businesses at a strategic level.

We are constantly on the lookout for these shifts, and several of them have led to various open-innovation projects, including the ones you see below. These are part-sponsored by different clients at once, each of whom benefits from the insights, tools, frameworks and workshops we develop from the research. Follow-on workshops with client-specific outcomes are built on top of this initial phase, which lead to new company-specific strategic roadmaps, product and service innovation.

Read our blog Disruptive Shifts for our latest thinking on these and other shifts.

1. AiB

4. IoT

5. MicroBiz

6. PDE

7. PSN

8. Ownership

1. AiB

2. IoT